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Dr.Arshad Abdullah Vohra








The city of Karachi owing to its unique location and great potential for industrialization and commercial activities can do a lot for the country, however, its progress always halted due to political preference and narrow mindedness of past rulers who unfortunately never gives local governments the status it deserved as the key to almost every basic problem in cities and areas.

Everywhere in the world, nations who have progressed rapidly used this tool of local government effectively and in such a manner that ensure availability of basic necessities of civic life to each and every one. We can also follow their example by minimizing the role of provincial government in the municipal affairs and entrusting this key job to the representatives of the people at grass root level.

            Karachi Metropolitan Corporation - the prime municipal administration body in the city has this ability to resolve these problems at the grass root level with the support and coordination of other civic organizations, provided it gets necessary powers and resources required for carrying out development works. 

            Despite of all these hurdles in our way, the present local government leadership in Karachi has solve the problems of citizens with whatever resources it has and, in this connection, work has already been started in different areas of the city to provide some relief to the people.

            We have done it before and still are committed to perform our duty of serving the citizens in a coordinated and improved way.

             Hope our endeavors in this regard would prove fruitful and the people of this city would one day get rid of all such problems they are facing now.


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