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Project Summary

CCIS is a project which involves establishment of a Citizens Complaint and Information System, optimized to meet efficient handling of complaints, which include automate processes like registering new complaints, managing existing complaints, automatic escalation of unresolved complaints, managing complaint statuses, performing  inquiries, handling of complaints by respective persons/departments, performance monitoring  and producing informative MIS. CCIS provides (03) three options to the citizens:

*    Citizen Call Centre
*    Wev vased access
*    Walk into the citizens facilitation centre
CCIS supports all authorized users to work in a collaborative manner throughout complaint management cycle i.e. from initiating of complaint to closing of it. CCIS is an integrated system based on Client / Server and Relational Database technology with comprehensive documentation.
     *      Web Based Complaint Management / Monitoring System
     *      Call Centre for Customer Complaint and Information
     *      Walk in Centers for Customer Complaint and Information
     *      Web Portal
     *      Linkage with any other citizen service set up
As per best of our knowledge, this is the first 4 Tier ‘Citizen Complaint and Information System’ of its kind in the country:-
 1st  Tier --------> Complaint/complainant (contact centre)
 2nd Tier -------->  Data centre (Civic Centre)
 3rd Tier  -------->  Towns (18+3 = 21 locations)
 4th Tier  -------->  QC (ISO Certified)
CCIS is a complete solution for governments to handle the citizen complaints on federal and provincial level. The complaints are handled on the basis of city, town and district levels.
This project has provided on-call, online (web) & walk-in complaint registration, where as earlier it was only walk-in complaint system. The movement of complaint file was manual, whereas, this system provides them centralized data where no one has to move the file physically and only authorized access to the file make it available to the user thus enhances performance and make the environment paper-less.
Now with the implementation of CCIS the main beneficiary of it has become citizen. Due to this system, citizen does not need to take off from his office to visit head office to log his complaint, he does not need to look for higher sources to get his complaint resolved, he does not have to spend speed money to put his file on priority and he does not need to write a detailed letter to explain his problem. We have made his life easier, he just has to pick up a phone and dial a number, and our agent will do the rest for him.
Important to mention here that KMC’s 1339 is a 24/7 operation and has survived one cyclone and number of law and order situations and rain emergencies, it has never gone down and the team is highly motivated to provide the services to citizens without interruption.
Following are the achievements of the Project:
1.    Walk-in complaint centers established at:
       a.   Civic Centre – 8 seats
       b.   KBCA – 3 seats
       c.   KW&SB – 5 seats
       d.  Other 18 locations of Karachi city – 2 seats each
2.    8-seat Quality Control Centre for verification of resolved and unresolved complaints and to get citizen feedback.
3.   Developed Complaint Management application with centralized database.
4.   Dedicated 25-seat Call Centre for on call complaint logging and resolution
5.   Web based interface for citizens’ complaints logging and status query
6.   Maintaining ISO 9001 QMS certification since 2008.

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Project Goals

It is common, that if one has faced a problem and there are no channels to convey this to the government then of filling start to generate from inside that no government official is interested in hearing their voice in order to solve their problems, this feeling give rise in creating internal frustration. If same thinking is comprehended in-group of people, they become tempestuous and expose their frustration by means of protests against the Government where they sometimes exercise violent acts that lead towards anarchy.
Keeping all these facts in mind, there was a need of a system; a trustable platform that will act as an interface between citizens and government, where citizens can register their complaints effectively, the system that will not only register the complaints but will also maintain feedback on the status of the complaint. The feedback system will allow citizens to track their complaints to that information about the status of their complaints whether entertained or not, as well as the reasons for delay in rectification of their problems. An interface that enables citizens to record their voice by firm believes that their voices will be heard and the problems they are facing would be resolved.
The key objective and the purpose of the KMC can be described as:
In order to achieve and excel in the above mentioned objective, KMC has acquired a state of the art ‘Citizen Complaint Information System (CCIS)’. CCIS provides a one-window interface b/w the citizens and the KMC. All the citizens can contact KMC and get their complaints registered, either by calling 1339, through web or by simply walking to any of the complaint centers located at the 18 towns of the city. All the complaints are marked to the relevant Town, SENIOR DIRECTOR, KBCA and KWSB. All the relevant departments of the KMC can track, monitor, resolve and verify after resolution all the related complaints. Through this system, all the Towns, SENIOR DIRECTORs, KBCA and KWSB can be monitored centrally and their performance can be tracked and compared on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
The broad objective was to Improve services delivery to citizens:
1.     24/7 Contact Center to log complaints and get information.
2.     Reduction in the cost of service to citizen by providing government information to the public through KMC website as well as alternate channels.
3.     Online availability of complaint forms of the, which are of public nature.
4.     Ensure transparency in government-public interactions.
5.     Interactive voice response system to check status of the application relating to estate matters and complaints.
6.     Citizen should not need to approach high level officials
7.     Complaint should be available to concerned official(s) immediately
8.     Feedback of complaint should be available
9.     Quality assurance of complaints should be available
10.   Statistics should be available for future planning
11.   State of the art technology

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Service Quality

CCIS – A Custodian of karachiites, Ensuring Quality Living: KMC, in its earnest efforts to provide decent living to the citizens of Karachi has established a call center infrastructure to facilitate citizens of the city to lodge their complaints. Now the issues of the citizens relating to Sewerage, Water, Transport, Encroachment, Health and Education can be dealt with the state of the art CCIS System whereby citizens can lodge their complaints 24 hours 7 days a week by calling 1339, through web and by simply walking to any of the complaint centers located at the 18 towns of the city. All the complaints are marked to the relevant Town, SENIOR DIRECTOR, KBCA or KWSB on real time. CCIS provides a one-window interface between the citizens and the KMC.
The City Mayor/Administrator can monitors all lodged complaints any time while the heads of KW&SB, KBCA, Senior Directors and Town Mayors/Municipal Commissioners have the facility to check the complaints regarding their departments and towns respectively. They will be responsible to issue directives to address the problems of Citizen pertaining to their domain.
Securing service quality and timely resolution of complaints are priority tasks at KMC. KMC is committed to improving competency of our staff and we offer training courses so that employees can continuously raise their individual competence to further drive customer service innovation.
The services offered are timely and easy to use. Citizens can log their complaints and can get the status of their complaints through web. Customer service representatives log complaints through CCIS and send complaints directly to concerned officials. CCIS helps to provide printed complaint document and provides a complete overview of the complaint history.
Among the no. of benefits, some of the benefits that KMC acquired through ISO 9001 certification are:
*    Well defined systems of all the departments / towns / functions / personnel with clear responsibilities for every activity.
*    Incorporation of quality concepts in routine operations and services
*    Development of a culture of responsibility, ownership and an automated system of check and balance for all
*    Standardization' of all the relevant functions and activities at all levels
*    Well defined interfacing b/w departments/towns i.e., what is expected from within departments/towns and who is responsible
*    System monitoring and improvement
*   Systems would be preventive rather curative to the problems i.e., there would be early detection of the problem to prevent it rather to find its cure after its occurrence.
We are committed to resolve citizen complaints and address their grievances promptly, effectively and diligently.
We strive to achieve citizen ownership and trust over KMC. Citizen satisfaction requires that our services are promptly delivered, professionally done, technically complete and delivered in a way that exceeds Citizen’s expectations.
It is our policy to continually strive for improvement by:
*    Analyzing and responding to the feedback of our citizens
*    Improving the skills of our workforce
*    Efficiently and promptly delivering services

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Time Saving

In order to save time and cost, where life has become too busy in Karachi city, CCIS is the application for the citizens of Karachi. Citizens do not have to go and spend time in long queues to log a complaint. All they have to do is just use their mobile or land phone and log their civic nature complaints.  Citizens can also check the status of their complaint by using the complaint number provided. They can call 1339 at any time of the day or night, our dedicated customer service representatives are ready to provide their services and help the citizens solve their problems round the clock.
Citizens can now dial 1339 to lodge their complaints and rest assured that the concerned departments in the shortest possible time would address their issues. The CCIS will not only relieve the citizens of long queues but also save on human resource and time of the governmental agencies. The system with the ISO 9001 accreditation is also set to open a new era of citizen care that will become more efficient and effective with the onset of each coming year. The nation is on a steady road to progress and prosperity and KMC is pacing ahead with its vision and committed team of dedicated individual, a formula that will raise Karachi to come at par with the most modern and liveable cities of the world.

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Expected Impact

CCIS is an advanced system designed to facilitate the citizens of the metropolis like Karachi and has greatly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of KMC to resolve the complaints of the citizens. KMC is sure that the adoption of the ISO 9001 Quality Standards for CCIS will further enhance the performance of the system enabling KMC to manage and respond to the complaints as per the latest quality concepts and practice.
The ISO 9001 certification for KMC has opened a new era of citizen care that will hopefully become more effective and efficient in the years to come.
It will definitely advance the current culture of the administrative procedures. Everything is centralized and digitalized and we are making sure that the operation goes smoothly. This application has a couple of innovative ideas, which have enhanced the working of the current project.
Because of the efforts of the KMC with its visionary approach and commitment to deliver, the citizens of Karachi for the first time in the last two decades feel that they have a visible stake in their city’s reincarnation as a dynamo of growth and prosperity. The current young and enlightened team of city managers and leaders, best epitomize by the city administrator, Mohammad Hussain Syed has what it takes to transform a moribund city like Karachi into a thriving metropolis exuding promise and hope for a bright tomorrow for all its inhabitants.
We once again reiterate our commitment to provide ‘Decent Living’ to the citizens of this city and assure that with dedicated and committed team, the advanced systems augmented with international standards of quality, we will continually improve the performance by adopting the best international practices and delivering the best for the citizens of this mega city.

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Project Quality

Quality Conscious organizations all over the world are improving their systems and processes by developing quality management systems that meet the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
In the pursuit of acquiring higher service standards and to ensure the continuity of the current system and processes, KMC decided to adopt the best quality practices in terms of ISO 9001 certification.
The CCIS project team that includes the SENIOR DIRECTOR IT, Project Director CCIS and the Project Manager CCIS had been instrumental in the development and implementation of this Quality Management System.
Due to the huge size of the CCIS and no. of departments involved, no. of awareness sessions were conducted individually with the concerned and every one was made aware and kept in the loop of the relevant activities for the ISO 9001 certification. All the Towns, SENIOR DIRECTORs, KBCA and KWSB concerned personnel were made aware of the importance and the service levels required to implement this standard. They were also made aware of the formal Quality Control functions under the City Mayor, which directly verifies complaint handling / service delivery process and reports to Mayor on daily/fortnightly/ monthly basis. This created the built-in accountability within the system, which in turn greatly ease its implementation at all levels, and departments Afterwards, Internal Quality Auditors were trained at the KMC and the Auditors conducted a comprehensive Internal Quality Audit of all the Towns, SENIOR DIRECTORs, KBCA and KWSB.
The final audit was conducted by the international certification agency. Their auditors verifies the compliance of the established QMS as per the ISO 9001 standard requirements and at the end recommended the KMC CCIS for ISO 9001 certification.
The CCIS has quality standards, which are certified by ISO 9001, a quality benchmark that has been achieved for the first time by any City District Government.

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Maintenance Scope

The procedure is applicable to regular server maintenance. Regular Server maintenance includes performing the following activities on the server machines, Radio Modem, towers and the workstations:
Anti Virus
1.   Server base Antivirus
Prevention of virus includes:
1.     Installation of Antivirus and its Updates
2.     Periodic download of Antivirus updates
3.     Guidelines about disinfecting infected PCs
4.     Guiding users about prevention of viruses
5.     Ensure Antivirus Installation
        ·         Installation of Service Pack/Patch Updates
        ·         Installation of all Security Updates
        ·         System requirements for installations
        ·         Upgrading of Hardware
        ·         Health check, switches, routers, firewall
        ·         Monitoring Logs
        ·         Check all the hardware devices i.e. (keyboard, mouse, headphones)
        ·         Radio Tower maintenance every 6 months.
        1.     Repaint
        2.     Replace guy wire
        3.     Replace power cable
        4.     Replace data cable

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Innovatice use of ICT's

Data Center
Designed and deployed Tier three level data center at KMC nerve center
Call Center
Designed and deployed Enterprise call center solution with (AVAYA )
Systems Technology
Installed high end IBM, HP, servers, Cisco routers, Cisco L3 core switch , Cisco Firewall, HP L2 Switches,
Wireless Connectivity 18 Towns
Connectivity with full redundant, point to point and point to multi point.
IP telephonic and system
IP based phones on all sites to communicate with each other and to reduce cost.
Workstations and allied accessories i.e. PC, Printer, scanner, IP phone, UPS, AVR, and power Generator provided to all sites.
Core network deployed on Fiber optic.

connectivity structure.JPG

Call Recording
The following polices provide the rule for call recording on two different system with using of AVAYA witness contact store.
Every call recorded since the call center started
Web base application
Protect with user ID and their credentials.
Highly secure Linux base.
Recorded file is extracted from the server in wave format on daily bases
All recorded call saves in two different system
All the relevant departments of the KMC can track, monitor, resolve and verify after resolution of all the related complaints.

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