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The finance and Planning Group of offices being the custodian of Karachi metropolitan corporation Funds has to execute sound financial management and maintains strict financial discipline through various financial controls. Beside a sound revenue base a good financial management is a prerequisite for ensuring the performance of the obligatory functions and bringing improvement in quality of life for the social advantages are measured only through tight financial control. Consequent upon the devolution of various departments from Provincial Government to Karachi metropolitan corporation the span of financial management has increased manifold.

An efficient financial control ensures continuous appreciation of relation between expenditure on one hand and financial resources and provisions on the other. Proper accounting system and the regular audit i.e. internal audit pre-audit and post-audit strengthens the financial disciplines. Appropriate adherence of audit observations which are intended to eliminate the chances of leakages of revenues and intending action against the defaulting

staff is yet another factor for maintaining financial disciplines.

The Finance and Planning Group of Offices is obliged to have its own sophisticated Computer Technology to maintain the computer based Financial Management System through which the reconciliation of income from various resources on daily basis maintenance of accounts and tight budgetary controls under the respective budgets heads have been applied.

Due care is always taken to accentuate that the development plans of Karachi metropolitan corporation are not hampered for deficiency of funds. Strenuous efforts are made to reduce the gap between the expenditure and income through constant watch.

It is heartening that the Finance and Planning Group of Offices has a team of most experienced honest and dedicated officers / officials who are exerting to deliver the excellent result.


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n  Formulation, distribution and monitoring of district budget (current and development).

n  Examination and scrutiny of proposals for re-appropriation and supplementary grants, and their approval by the competent authority/forum.

n  Financial management and control of offices of departments of the district government.

n  Examination of schemes of new expenditures.

n  Functions of Principal Accounting Officers and Departmental Accounting Officer. Preparation, communication and execution of financial sanctions in accordance with the Delegation of Financial Power Rules.

n  Examination and advice on matters directly or indirectly affecting the district finances.

n  Liaison with the Pakistan Audit Department for the disposal of audit observation Matters regarding Departmental Accounts Committee/ Public Accounts Committee business.

n  Services and administrative matters, having financial implication, of employees of the district governments in accordance with Rules and Policy of the Government.

n  Adherence/ implementation of schedule of rates prescribed by the Provincial Government.

n  Implementation of pay/ pension policy rules framed by the Provincial Government

n  Purchase of stores and capital goods for departments of the district government.

n  Approval of rate and running contracts.

n  Any other functions as assigned to the district Government.




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