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1.        Monitoring the overall financial matters of KMC.

2.        Budgeting the Incomes and Expenditures of KMC.

3.        Initiating financial proposals to enhance the revenue of KMC. 

4.        Corresponding with provincial Government, other Government Institutions and FBR on financial issues.             

5.        Implementation as well as financial monitoring of all development schemes executed by KMC through Annual Development Programme funded by GOS.                               


Financial Advisor,


Office: 021-99215145, 021-99216702
Fax: (021)
Res: (021)
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Office Address: Ground Floor, KMC Head Office, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi



NameDesignationArea / ResponsibilitiesContact No.Email AddressOffice Address
Mr. Riaz Ahmed KhatriDirector, Finance & AccountsMaintenance of all books of Accounts & its Reconciliation including Financial Concurrence before payment in accordance with budgeted allocations as well as current cash flow position. 021-99216703, 03332191613khatri.riaz@hotmail.comGround Floor, KMC Head Office, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
Mr. Abdul Jabbar BhattiDirector, WelfareDealing all the matters of retired employees of KMC/DMCs including payment of Pension / Provident fund / Group Insurance / Financial Assistance. 021-99216705, 03323968190dirwelfare786@ gmail.comas above
Mr. Mehmood BaigDirector, BudgetPreparation, monitoring, and controlling of Annual Budget of entire KMC. 021-99216709, 03002486169mahmoodbaig38@gmail.comas above
Mr. Rashid NizamDirector, Revenue & ResourcesExploring avenues and preparing proposals under SLGA2013 for revenue generation. Monitoring & Reconciliation of revenue receipts from all KMC departments and banks. Issuance of Challan (Voucher) Books to all departments of KMC.021-99216707, 03341222916rashid_nizam@yahoo.comas above
Mr. Bilal ManzerDirector, Computer OperationsOperation, maintenance, development & integration of all computerized Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) applications of Finance & Accounts Department KMC. Operation of Tax management System and Online Salary disbursement. 021-99216713, 03009215151- 
Mr. Nasir Mehmood IshaqiDirector, AdministrationSupervising the General Administration of entire Finance & Accounts Department KMC.021-99216711, 03332252012nmi_dofnp@yahoo.comGround Floor, KMC Head Office, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
Syed Tasleem AhmedDirector, Internal AuditConducting the Internal Audit of entire KMC employees and Departments.021-99216715, 03212452412- 
Mr. Farid Ahmed TajikDirector, Stores & ProcurementProcurement of consumable and non-consumable articles through tender and quotations for entire KMC Departments. Issuance of POL and allotment of Vehicles.021-99215189, 03009266345- 
Mrs. Rehana PerweenDirector, Enquiries & InspectionMonitoring & Inspection of all On-Going Works /Project Involving the Financial Implication and Inspection of Any Particular Scheme / Work as assign by high ups. 03212107680-2nd Floor, Old KMC Building, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi
Mr. Mazhar Ali ShaikhDirector, Services & PlanningAppraisal, evaluation (major / selected schemes) & monitoring of implementation of developments schemes in physical & financial terms (including ADP/ MPA/ MNA).021-99216712


1-     (ADP No: 817) Development & implementation of integrated Financial  Management Information System: IFMIS, F&A       

          Project Cost  Rs.20.000 million  (Ongoing Scheme)

 2-       (ADP No:818) Upgradation of IT Infrastructure (TIER-3)Precession Cooling (Net working) For IFMS, KMC        

          Project Cost Rs. 20.000 million   (Ongoing Scheme)


1.   Implementation of advance phases of IFMIS at the levels of development and     implementation. The up-gradation of IT Infrastructure & System Software.

2.  Complete automation of Revenue Receipts & Expenditures at an advanced level to generate system based Cash Book embedded   with system monitored audit.


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