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The Engineering Department KMC is headed by the Director General (Technical Services) KMC. The basic functions of the department includes planning designing development and repair maintenance of roads bridges flyovers underpasses buildings storm water drainage etc.
The Functions of the Department are have been entrusted to different Civil and E&M Zones Working under command and control of Chief Engineers concerned with line offices headed by the Superintending Engineers Executive Engineers and other engineering staff.

1. Spatial Planning and Development
2. District Roads and Buildings
• Planning design construction equipment maintenance and repairs of all Government maintenance and repairs of all Government Buildings residential and non-residential including rest houses.
• Evaluation fixation of rent control management leases and sale of Government buildings.
• Water supply and sanitary Works pertaining to government buildings and government estate except Provincial Assets and those assigned under main headings in the schedule-II of Sindh Government Rules of Business.
• Administration of West Pakistan highway ordinance 1959 (amended) wherever it pertain to District.
. • Laying standards and specifications for various types of road and bridges for the District.
• Planning and designing roads and improvement of roads bridges for the Works and Services Department financed from District / Provincial and Central funds.
• Construction maintenance repairs and improvement of roads bridges for the Works and Services Department financed from District / Provincial and / or Central funds.
• Administration of roads bridges and boat bridges tool collection and leases of land for Filling Services Station and access roads thereof on roads under the control of District.
• Services matters except those entrusted to Services General Administration and Coordination Department of the Govt. of Sindh.
• Execution of works on behalf of other agencies / department as deposit works.
• Preparation of architectural plans / drawings of buildings.
• Services matters except those entrusted to Services General Administration and Coordination Department Govt. of Sindh.
• Purchase of stores and capital goods for the District Works & Services office.


Director General (Technical Services)


Office: (021)99230951
Fax: (021)
Cell: 0300-9232470
Email: -
Office Address: Near Islamia College, Karachi.



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1: Construction of Surface Water Drain on Shahrah-e-Quaideen from Shahrah-e-Faisal Khudadad Chowrangi.
2: Construction of 3 lane flyover at Jinnah Terminal signal on Shahrah-e-Faisal.
3: Construction of surface water drain from Shahrah-e-Quaideen to Junejo Town Jamshed Town.
4: Construction of 2 Lane 2-way flyover at Water Pump Shahrah-e-Pakistan.
5: Construction of 2 Lane 2-way flyover at Aisha Manzil Shahrah-e-Pakistan.
6: Construction of 2 Lane 2-way flyover at Dak Khana S.M Taufiq Road.
7: Construction of single Lane 2-way flyover at Teen Hatti. 8: Flyover at Nawab Siddiq Ali Khan Road near A.O Clinic. 9: Widening main Korangi Road i-e cause way from KPT flyover to Korangi Crossing.
10: Block Allocation for KMC package 2012.
11: Rehabilitation of Road 14000 (Both tracks) from road 9000 to road 13000 at Korangi Town.
12: Improvement and Rehabilitation of At-grade road of Banaras Chowk flyover.


1: Construction of Parks roads footpaths CC flooring and lighteningarrangement in PS-117.
2: Rewamping of Gujjar Nallah including Service Road.
3: Rehabilitation/reconstruction of road from 13000 from road 8000 (SiteChowrangi) to Road 12000 (Korangi 35) Landhi Town Karachi (2.2Kms).
4:Construction of Zulfiqar Oil Tanker Parking Terminal Zulfiqarabad Karachi.
5: Construction of Mehran Highway left over work.
6: Construction of Mehran Highway extension from labor Square to Qasim portroad (Phase-II).
7: Rehabilitation and improvement Korangi 10000 road to Malir 10000 road to3000 Malir Band to road 13000 at Korangi Town.
8: Reconditioning/Improvement of road from Jinnah Square to Shabnam CinemaDistrict Malir.
9: Construction of main Metroville Road including storm water drain fromBab-e-Khaber to Mominabad Police Station Site Town UC-06 Karachi.
10: Construction of road double tracks road including service road along stormwater drain from Valika Hospital upto Bacha Khan Chowk site town.
11: Rehabilitation of Road Sector 35 and 36 Korangi Karachi.
12: Construction of 0.5 Km dual road from Kiran Hospital Road Chowrangi to KBACHSociety Karachi.
13: Construction/Rehabilitation of Pitcher Nallah in Saddar/Lyari.
14: Construction/Rehabilitation of Kalari Nallah in Lyari Machar Colony.
15: Provision of sewerage/drainage disposal i-e main box drain 8400 rft andconnecting secondary sewer at Yar Muhammad Goth Surrounding goth/settlementsUC-8 Gadap Town Karachi.
16: Construction /Rehabilitation of Nallah from Golden Town to Azeem Pure RoadShah Faisal Colony Karachi.
17: Repair and Renovation of Rain Water System in Block-11 F.B Area Karachi.
18: Construction of Nallah Road/Road from Water Pump Road to Cafe Piyala F.BArea Karachi.
19: Construction and Re-conditioning of Nallah from Karachi Institute of HeartAnd Disease Block-16 to Water Pump round about District Central Karachi.


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