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  On directives of Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, renovation work of historical buildings.  
  On directives of Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, renovation work of historical buildings and parks has been initiated and especially plantation has began, Director General Parks Taha Saleem said this while reviewing renovation work at Khailq Dina Hall. Saleem said that it was amongst priority of the Administrator that no heritage building would be handed over to any other institutions and the decisions taken in this regard in the past are not acceptable . He said that Kahliq Dina Hall is a historical place where Pakistan movement leaders Moulana Muhammad Ali Johar, Moulana Shokat Ali Johar and their companions were tried and convicted under "Muqaddama-e-Baghawat" (treason case). The Director General Parks Pakistan Muslim League's many meetings were held at the hall before creation of Pakistan. The building was established by Seth Ghulam Hussain Khaliq Dina from his own expenses and handed over to Municipal Corporation and since then Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has been looking after the building. He was of the view that besides Khaliq Dina Hall, Bagh e Ibne Qasim, Polo Ground, Frere Hall, KMC building, Empress Market, Lee Market, Karachi Zoological Garden and other historical places are assets of Karachiites and the uplift works have been initiated by the Parks Department there. Saleem said that all these places would be made more beautiful after series of development and beautification works. He said that trees would also be planted at other parts of the city. "More trees would be planted across the city and all green belts, roads and roundabouts be renovated so that the people could get pollution free environment, “he added. The Director General Parks said that besides parks, sports grounds would also be renovated so that the youth could be provided sports and entertainment facilities. He said that mechanism is being devised through which not only plantation of trees would be ensured across Karachi but their care be also ensured as it is responsibility of the KMC.  
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