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  Administrator addressing "Karachi Green Heckathon" oragaized at NED University of Engineering and Technology.  
  Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani on Monday said that neat and clean and green Karachi is our destination and everyone has to play his due role to achieve the target. Urban foresting has produced good results in reducing air pollution big cities of the world. We are taking measures to improve infrastructure of Karachi and everyone who supports this cause would be welcomed, the Administrator passed these remarks while addressing "Karachi Green Heckathon" oragaized at NED University of Engineering and Technology here. The event was aimed at make 25 per cent area of Karachi green till 2025. Shallwani said that big and industrial cities are planting trees to cope with air pollution. "It is very important to take care already grown up trees besides planting new saplings. The plantation should be done where there is place so that more part of the city could become green, "he added. The Administrator said that we have to make our roads and foothpaths beautiful and for the purpose the citizens should also be motivated. He said that desired results could be achieved by awaring the common people. "Nothing is impossible as the targets could be achieved through joint efforts. 25 per cent Karachi could become green till 2025 if we all take collective efforts," he said while tendering all out support from Karachi Metropolitan Corporation for providing people healthy environment.  






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