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  Mayor Karachi demand announcement of PFC Award.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar has in a letter written to the Minster Finance, Chairman Provincial Finance Commission, Sindh said that the PFC formula / award should be announced as early as possible so that equitable funds could be released to all Local Councils of province including KMC. He said the government should provide the additional funds to all councils in the province till the finalization of PFC award to the extent of payment of salaries and to provide basic municipal services to their citizens in the first instance. He said the PFC entails that distribution between the Government and the Local Councils should be a factor / proceeds of the Provincial Consolidated Fund (PCF) into a Provincial Retained Amount (PRA) and a Provincial Allocable Amount (PAA) to be called Provincial Commission Award, thus, Government of Sindh should first of all declare categorically the amount of PCF into PRA and PFC / Local Councils through the PFC Commission which is the basis of PFC award. Mayor Karachi said once the share between PRA and PFC / Local Councils has been decided by the PFC Commission, Government should then immediately convene PFC Commission for recommendation on the PFC. He said after the due share of PFC has been decided and share of local councils determined, the government of Sindh should decide the share of municipal development funds out of total Provincial Annual Development Program/Budget on the pattern of KPK PFC which decided to apportion 30% of the total KPK Provincial ADP and due consideration should be given to KMC considering its population and area and the fact that Karachi is the largest contributor of Federal Taxes and Infrastructure Taxes specially the GST on Sales and Infrastructure cess which are the major contributor of Provincial receipts attributing 80% or more to provincial total receipt. Mayor Karachi said also suggested that the PFC Commission shall take into account the principles of population, backwardness, need and the performance of a council before announcing/recommending the PFC award. He said in such situation, it is urgently required that the issue of distribution between the government and the councils out of the proceeds of the Provincial Consolidated Fund into a Provincial Retained Amount and a Provincial Allocable Amount to be called the PFC Award, be decided immediately and the proceeds thereof, distributed proportionately among the councils in Sindh taking due care that salary and pensions are covered whereas another recommendation is to make the PFC Commission truly representative by reconstituting the PFC Commission by taking half of its members nominated by the government side and remaining half by the opposition side on the pattern of KPK PFC Commission. Mayor Karachi requested to provide additional grant in aid/ or enhance OZT to further RS200million per month in addition to existing financial share(OZT Rs132.686 and Grant in Aid Rs300million total RS432.686million) thereby making total government receipts to Rs632million per month so that KMC could survive till a fair and transparent PFC Award is announced.  






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