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  Fire brigade improvment and rehabilitation program.  
  Mayor Wasim Akhtar said five billion rupees will be required for improvement of fire brigade. Snorkel ladder can only be used to put off fire at eight floor of a building. He said this during rehabilitation and improvement program of the Karachi fire brigade held near the Quaid-e-Azam’s mousoleum on Friday. Edhi foundation head Faisal Edhi, MC Hanif Mohammad, Aslam Afridi, Aman Afirdi, senior director MS and other officers of KMC were also present on this occasion. Mayor Karachi asked the chief minister Sindh and the prime minister of Pakistan to provide funds for fire department. He also requested the chief justice of Supreme Court and the Army Chief to take notice of the worst condition of the fire brigade. He also appealed to the chairman senate to make a resolution approved in the Senate for providing equipments and fire tenders for Karachi fire brigade. He warned that this would become very hard to save the live sof citizens if any big casuality happens in the city because the snorkel available can only work till eight floor. Mayor Karachi also inspected the fire tenders and snorkel ladder and enquired about their performance. He said Kareachi needs 230 fire stations wheres only 22 available presently. He said no attention being given to Karachi and its fire department despite Karachi providing mainly in the national exchequer. He said water tanks are leaked and some tenders were having technical faults. He said the available vehicles in fire departmnt were used since last 35 years. Faisal Edhi, the head of Edhi Foundation also stressed the need of providing equipment and fire tenders to the fire brigade. He also appreciated the efforts of Mayor Karachi for bringing improvement in the fire brigade.  
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