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  Malir and Lyari river condition pose threat to nearby areas.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said the Malir and Lyari River is likely to pose serious threat to surrounding areas including Landi and Korangi Industrial Zones if leases of land in and around the Malir and Lyari River issued in past is not cancelled or complete ban is not imposed on dumping of garbage and construction material in these rivers and channelization of these important rivers of city is not done now. He said this on reviewing the situation of Malir and Lyari River. Mayor Karachi said city of Karachi had several drains and two river namely Malir and Lyari that discharges rain and flood water into the sea. The last flood of 1975 inundated the neighborhood of Malir, Korangi and Shah Faisal Colony claiming loss of life and damage to the property. A protective bund was constructed either side to allow flow of water into sea without compromising the neighborhood. He said unfortunately three major activities are seen in the area which includes construction of houses and flats sites, heavy dumping of garbage inside the river and encroachments on both sides. He said the width and depth of these rivers has reduced to an alarming level and in case of flood or heavy rain or rise in level of water will continue to pose threat to nearby area. Mayor Karachi said both these rivers are not the responsibility of KMC and the Irrigation Department is taking care of these two rivers whereas leases ar e being made by Board of Revenue in and around the river. The garbage is being dumped as if no one is responsible for this area.  






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