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  Mayor Karachi urges government to listen the voice of traders.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said if people in Karachi did not chose to elect some other party which is in government also, this should not mean to usurp their basic rights. Despite giving Rs350billion revenue to the country, Karachi remained in this worst condition. This is not democracy as democracy or economy could get strength only if local governments are made strong. Karachi was presently facing a difficult time and in fact in the intensive care unit, however no one paying attention on it whether it is provincial government or federal government. City traders wants sit in by mayor for resolving the city problems and they were ready to sit with me. He expressed these views in a reception in his honor held in the office of the Karachi Electronics Dealers Association's head office in Saddar on Tuesday. The president of KEDA Muhammad Rizwan Irfan also spoke on this occasion. Mayor Karachi said no one seems to be interested in Karachi issues, the government must focus on Karachi before the traders decide for sit in as already representatives of 300 Karachi markets were ready to sit in for their demands. He said that the Sindh Government not even providing full salary of its employees despite keeping all revenue departments to itself. If the staff of Sindh government got increase in their pay, this raise should also be included in the salary of KMC and DMC staff. He said that the federal and provincial government held a month-long cleanliness drive which gave only temporary benefit because lifting and disposal of garbage was a routine work and not a campaign. This work could only be done by those organizations which have this basic responsibility and the experience and skills for this. Mayor Karachi demanded that in order to solve the problems of Karachi all civic bodies should be brought under the control of one authority. He said that the SLGA 2013 devastated whole city. The local governments were made paralyzed and destroyed before holding the local government elections. The Mayor said that Karachi must be treated especially as this city provides major portion of total revenue collected by the government.  
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