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  Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani visited the old books bazar in the lawn of the Frere Hall  
  Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani visited the old books bazar in the lawn of the Frere Hall along with the senior director culture and sports Khursheed Shah, director culture Shams Masoodi and other officers. He on this occasion directed that this book bazaar should be held on a regular basis and the stalls be increased so that more and more people could benefit from this facility of reading historical and unique books at lesser prices. He also inspected the stalls and read books. He said that this is unfortunate that the importance of books is decreasing in our society and the new generation is not reading the books, however we need to reverse this trend by encouraging book reading. He said that literary people are such respected persons of any society who provide us with the awareness of past, present and future and cultivate positive and constructive values. He said that street libraries have been established in different parts of the city to overcome the shortage of libraries. Efforts are underway to setup such libraries in suburban areas of the city so that everyone could avail this facility to read the books. Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani directed the concerned officials to renovate the KMC libraries and increase the books to provide this opportunity to book readers and especially students to come and study at these libraries. He said that friendship with books has always been our tradition and we will continue it in future too. Libraries play a vital role in promoting positive and healthy thoughts therefore we need to bring our youngsters to books and study. He said that in the developed world they have carried on the habit of reading books, which is why even today thousands of books are published there and people buy these books. Despite all modernization they did not cease the link with books which is the reason for their continuous development and prosperity. We also need to do this in our country by creating a healthy culture of book reading.  
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