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  Mayor Karachi visit Tariq Road.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said all patharas in front of shops at reconstructed Tariq Road should be removed so this is beautiful and no traffic jam. The road which is constructed with crores of rupees will not be good if these patharas, thelas and other shops are there. He expressed these views on a visit of Tariq Road on Saturday with chairman of DMC East Moeed Anwer, director general Technical Services Shahab Anwer and other officers. Mayor Karachi on this occasion inspected development works of Tariq road and other roads and streets near Tariq road. Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar gave instructions for removal of vehicles wrongly parked at the Tariq Road while he noted that wrong parking and no sequence of parking of vehicles at the Tariq road, he expressed these should be corrected. Mayor Karachi also meet with the shop keepers of Tariq raod and the shopkeepers were happy to meet him. Mayor Karachi said the cleaning and maintenance of Tariq rod should be done with special care. He also distributed plastic bag for garbage to the shopkeepers of Tariq road so that KMC staff can lift these bags from a place for this purpose. Mayor Karachi visited the union club of Delhi Marcantyle society to meet the people and he said for correction of street lights and greenery and tree planting is paid full attention. He said with less resource we are paying attention to every area of the city to solve the public problems and we are trying to solve these problems as soon as possible.  
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