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  City Council Meeting.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said pressure will be applied on concerned organizations and persons if Supreme Court’s directive regarding shifting of oil tankers to Zulfiqarabad Oil Tankers Parking Terminal was not implemented by the last date of compliance on Monday. All required facilities have been provided in the terminal and was inaugurated on 27th July 2017, however the then government did not made this sure that the orders of Supreme Court are implemented. He expressed these views while presiding over the meeting of the council of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation on Thursday. Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif-ur-Rehman also attended the session during which six resolutions were tabled and approved unanimously whereas a resolution regarding charged parking contract was referred to the concerned committee of the council for further review. Mayor Karachi on this occasion said that he raised the issue of equal petroleum products prices in Karachi and Peshawar in the hearing of the case regarding OGRA in the Supreme Court. He said all over the world such prices did not include transportation charges for the cities from where the shipment is made, therefore Karachi should also be exempted from transportation charges in the prices of petroleum products sold here. The Supreme Court agreed with this and we hope that some better decision would come soon in this regard. The council expressed grief and sorrow on the death of renowned satirist and humorist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi who passed away in Karachi on Wednesday and offered fateha for departed souls of Mushtaq AhmedYousufi and former city councilor Muzaffar Ahmed Hashmi. The council members paid tribute to the great humorist Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi who they said was like a big pillar of Urdu literature. Other resolutions which were passed by the council unanimously included approval of the MoUs signed by KMC for maintenance of historical Frere Hall and Nehr-e-Khyam Project in Clifton through setting up of a Guardian Board. Mayor Karachi said all these matters have been made transparent and are in the larger interest of city and citizens of Karachi. The council also appreciated efforts of Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar for making the Zulfiqarabad Oil Tankers Parking Terminal project functional and took a major step towards solving an old problem of Karachi. The council also paid tribute to the decision of Chief Justice of Pakistan in this connection. The resolution regarding charged parking contract award was referred to the charged parking committee of the council for review after the opposition members raised objections on the procedure of awarding the contract. During the proceedings, Mohammad Mursaleen, Hanif Surti, Arif Khan Advocate, Sahib Khan Jaskani, Karam-ullah Waqasi, Rifat Advocate, Tajuddin Siddiqui, Engineer Aamir and others expressed their views on various matters.  
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