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  City Council Meeting.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar while presiding over the meeting of city council on Monday, said sum of Rs10billion have been received from the federal government for development works in Karachi which were already started in the city and this was due to the efforts of all members of this council. The projects which have been initiated now includes the construction of a flyover each at the Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi, Five Star Chowrangi and KDA Chowrangi alongwith the procurement of equipments worth Rs2billion for the fire brigade. He said that he is personally thankful to the Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan for helping us release this amount for Karachi and for showing interest in awarding more uplift project for the city. These flyovers will complete in March 2019. The meeting was also attended by the Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Saif ur Rehman. Speaking on this occasion Mayor Karachi said that as Mayor I can not initiate any project worth More than Rs2crore though they expect me to announce mega projects. During the meeting a total of 12 resolutions were approved by the council out of which 9 were passed unanimously and 3 were approved by majority votes. In a resolution approved unanimously the Government was asked to give ownership rights to the residents of Pakistan Quarters and they should not be made homeless. The council also condemned the way these people were treated. In another resolution it was demanded that citizens of Karachi should not be arrested by police for violation of traffic rules, however they may be fined and challan may be made but putting them behind bars is not right. Through another resolution it was demanded that honoraria be givent o the members of city council who were elected on reserved seats inlcuidng labour, youth and women councilors. The council also approved a resolution on the improvement of Budhan Goth Nala, Sher Mohammad Village Nala, Improvement of Shipowners College North Nazimabjd and making the flour and ghee mills owners to abide by the health rules. Other resolutions included the approval of the labjouratory test fee and charges in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, expenditures on the procurement of machinery for the removal of encroachments, and announcement of proposed fee for Landhi Sports Complex. Speaking in the meeting the parliamentary leader Aslam Shah Afridi thanked Mayor Karachi that the amount announced for Karachi is being spent here. Opposition leader Karamullah Waqasi, Arif Khan Advocate, Hanif surti, Aman ullah Afridi, Junaid Mukati, Sahib Khan Jaskani, Akbar Shah Hashmi, Tajuddin, and others also expressed their views during the proceedings.  






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