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  High level meeting review anti encroachments operation in Saddar.  
  In a high level meeting held in the Commissioner Office regarding making Saddar area including Empress Market, encroachments free model area, it was decided to initiate a full operation after establishing a task force comprising of officers from concerned organizations for monitoring and removal of encroachments in this area for which the notification will be issued in next two days and all encroachments from inside and surrounding area of Empress Market in Saddar will be removed in three weeks time. The land grabbers will also be identified and arrested before doing this operation and all the area from Naveed Clinic to Lucky Star will be made encroachments free . The encroachments mafia will be arrested and punished for any resistance or creating hurdle in the operation. Vehicle parking on Saddar roads will be banned and the parking plaza will be restored. Repairing work of footpaths will be started once these places are made encroachments free. Ban has been imposed on the parking of push carts on the empty plots in the Karachi Cantonment area. The meeting was chaired by the Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shalwani and Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar whereas deputy commissioner South, West and officials from district police, traffic police, Pakistan Rangers, KMC, KDA, Anti encroachments police, local government board, DMC South and West and other organizations attended this meeting. Addressing the meeting Mayor Karachi said that encroachments have been a big problem in Saddar area and some people have got stay orders for this. A major problem has been solved now with the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and now all stakeholders have this opportunity to make this a model and beautiful area. He said there is no hurdle now in making this area encroachments free and the orders of the Supreme Court will be implemented for which operation will start in few days. He said that encroachments are established in and around the Empress Market which has adversely affected the beauty of this building. Footpaths are completely encroached upon, KMC has started removing the encroachments in the city however removal of encroachments from Saddar will be a big task. Mayor Karachi said nowhere in any society you can do commercial activities in parks and pavements, whatever mistakes were done in past have to be rectified now and there should be no negligence in this. He said that the land grabbers have been informed through pamphlets and banners to voluntarily clear the footpaths or strict action will be taken against them. We have to clean the Saddar area from encroachments in three weeks time. Commissioner Karachi said that this being the order of the biggest court of the country and therefoe all concerned organizations must perform their responsibility as a team work and clean the Saddar area. He said that a task force be made to ensure no resurfacing of encroachments once these area removed which will patrol the area on 24 hour basis. Transport will not be allowed to enter in Saddar on Saturday and Sunday and pedestrians will be facilitated. Those who do handicrafts or book shops or coffee house would be able to setup stall in this area on Saturday and Sunday. He said that the Mayor Karachi and Commissioner Karachi Office will work as main organizations for this operation to coordinate with all other organizations and carry out a joint campaign. Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Saif ur Rehman presented a report in the meeting and said that KMC has completed all preparations for this work which will begin in two days. Operation will be carried out in the jurisdiction of 3 police stations in Saddar.  






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