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  Start of anti encroachments operation in Saddar.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said action against encroachments in the most important commercial area Saddar has been started during which besides restoration of Saddar area, surroundings of Empress Market will be vacated from the possession of land grabbers. This operation will be completed in three phases and continue till complete restoration of Saddar and Empress Market. All stackholders have jointly initiated it under the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Citizens of Karachi would soon see the Saddar area in its original shape and get rid of the trouble and problems facing by them due to encroachments in Saddar and adjoining areas. He said that the encroachers were warned before carrying out this operation to withheld their encroachments and cooperate with the administration if they did not want to suffer any loss. Meanwhile the anti encroachments staff of KMC on Monday removed more than 100 concrete shops, hundreds of push carts, patharas from pavements in Saddar and surrounding area and deposited seized items in the KMC Store. The action was taken on Daudpota Road, Zaib-un-Nisa Street, Mensfield Street, Passport Office, New Preedy Stret, Empress Market and near Regal Chowk and Naveed Clinic by 400 officials with the help of district administration, rangers, police, cantonment board, solid waste management board, SSGC and K-Electric. Four teams were made for this purpose each comprising of officials from KMC Anti encroachments Department, district administration, rangers, police, cantonment board, solid waste management board, SSGC and K-Electric. Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Syed Saif ur Rehman on this occasion said that foot paths are meant for use of pedestrians and no encroachments are allowed there. He said this operation being carried out on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and will continue till the removal of all encroachments in this area. Various monitoring teams were also formed to oversee the area after this and stop any encroachments established again. In the second phase of the operation all encroachments adjacent to shops in Saddar will be removed and in the third phase the Empress Market will be restored to original shape after removing the encroachments in and around the market.  






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